Geostationary satellites

From: Jean-Luc L. J. DIGHAYE (
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 12:43:16 EST

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    Hi everybody, have a look at these remarkable images taken by our webmaster M.
    Further additions (other geosats, variable stars) to come soon in the gallery
    Manfred Rudolf schrieb:
    > Hi all,
    > Sure you have already heard about the Astra telecommunication
    > satellites;  perhaps you even receive radio and TV programs from Astra
    > with your satellite dish. Then you might be interested to see images of
    > the geosynchronous Astra satellites which I shot last night:
    > The first image shows seven Astra satellites (as far as I know they are
    > Astra 1B,1C,1E,1F,1G,1H,1K)  as  pointlike objects against the night
    > sky.  The streaks in the image are the trails of stars which have moved
    > during this 15-second exposure.
    > The second image was shot with the camera following the movement of the
    > stars, therefore the satellites appear as short trails whereas the stars
    > remain pointlike.
    > If you receive your favorite TV/radio programs from Eutelsat - Hot Bird,
    > have a look at the third image: it shows the Hotbird 1-5 satellites.
    > The Astras as well as the Hotbirds are in a geostationary orbit in a
    > distance of ca. 36000 kms, straight above the terrestrial equator and at
    > a longitude 19 east (Astra), or 13 east (Hotbird).
    > The images have been obtained with a CCD camera and a lens with 900 mm
    > focal length. Exposure time was 15 seconds. The images cover a field of
    > approximately 45x30 arcminutes.
    > regards, manfred
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