Vandenberg launch, March 15.

From: Jim Scotti (
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 22:41:47 EST

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    Having not checked the Vandenberg launch schedule in the past couple weeks, I
    wasn't prepared for the sight of a Minuteman II rocket rising into the
    western twilight from here in Tucson Arizona.  I was driving northbound
    heading for my sister-in-law's house with the whole family in the car when I
    glanced out towards the west and was greeted by a spectacular plume rising
    into the sky.  The whole family was suitably impressed and my wife just
    couldn't believe we were seeing a rocket launched from the California coast
    so far away!  The upper plume was the usual triangular shape with the rocket
    itself quite visible at first and disappeared when shut down.  The upper
    plume faded quickly, but was visible for almost 5 minutes.  The lower plume
    was narrow and twisted in the upper atmospheric winds and an orange, lit by
    the setting sun at the launch site.  It's always fun to see Vandenberg
    launches, especially in a twilight sky!
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