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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 16:03:06 EST

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    > Presumably they're going to make the ISS and HST TLEs secret too?
    I had thought about that.  We know that there are some good
    mathematicians in Al-Qaida, and that missions to the ISS must launch at a
    specific time, +/- 2.5  minutes.  So, as far as I can tell, making the
    ISS secret seems to be the next logical course of action.  I don't think
    that a launch to the HST is supposed to occur for a couple of years....
    As for science and satellite deployment missions (where the exact launch
    time is non-critical), NASA could launch at anytime during the announced
    4-hour launch window.
    >Why  just 24 hours?
    >An Al Qaida terorrist can hide in Pakitia for weeks being hit by B-52's
    >can't  stand waiting in a carpark near the Cape for more than 24 hrs
    with a
    >Stinger in the boot of his Chevy??
    Maybe an attack on the launch pad/Space Shuttle would require more than
    24 hours of planning.  Perhaps it would be time critical.  If they got a
    hijacked plane through the security net (somehow..), they couldn't just
    hover around, waiting for the launch to occur.
    >as Richard says
    >"ISS is just about the only place the Shuttle launches to anymore. They
    >launch when the launch site passes through the station's orbital plane."
    >So whats the point???
    It is true, the Shuttle launches to ISS more than all other targets
    combined over the long haul.  I suspect that the ISS TLE may soon become
    classified.  I hope not.  I was reading on, I think, that
    during DoD Space Shuttle missions 1985-1990, the launch time would not be
    announced until the clock hit the T-9 min. hold.  It was a virtual media
    blackout during the mission, I read.  If media blackouts are to be
    imposed, then that would be greatly disappointing.
    I watched the Progress undock from the ISS today at 12:43 EST (17:43 UT)
    on NASA TV in darkness.  A few minutes later, it was in sunlight.  It was
    departing the station at 0.2 meters per second.  A deorbit burn was
    scheduled for something like 15:40 EST (20:40 UT).  As I write this at
    16:01 EST (21:01 UT), I assume that the Progress is just about destroyed.
     The next Progress will be launching soon, and is scheduled to dock on
    the afternoon (EST/UT) of Sunday, March 24th.
    Now, let me sign off and prepare for the flaming e-mails I am about to
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