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Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 16:43:18 EST

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    The Progress deorbit burn is not scheduled to occur until ~01:27 GMT.  Since
    there is a visible ISS pass over Moscow at about that time (0427 local),
    anyone in Moscow and maybe parts of Europe should consider going out to see
    if they can see the burn.  Progress undocked retrograde and is thus leading
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    > Presumably they're going to make the ISS and HST TLEs secret too?
    I had thought about that.  We know that there are some good
    mathematicians in Al-Qaida, and that missions to the ISS must launch at a
    specific time, +/- 2.5  minutes.  So, as far as I can tell, making the
    ISS secret seems to be the next logical course of action.  I don't think
    that a launch to the HST is supposed to occur for a couple of years....
    As for science and satellite deployment missions (where the exact launch
    time is non-critical), NASA could launch at anytime during the announced
    4-hour launch window.
    >Why  just 24 hours?
    >An Al Qaida terorrist can hide in Pakitia for weeks being hit by B-52's
    >can't  stand waiting in a carpark near the Cape for more than 24 hrs
    with a
    >Stinger in the boot of his Chevy??
    Maybe an attack on the launch pad/Space Shuttle would require more than
    24 hours of planning.  Perhaps it would be time critical.  If they got a
    hijacked plane through the security net (somehow..), they couldn't just
    hover around, waiting for the launch to occur.
    >as Richard says
    >"ISS is just about the only place the Shuttle launches to anymore. They
    >launch when the launch site passes through the station's orbital plane."
    >So whats the point???
    It is true, the Shuttle launches to ISS more than all other targets
    combined over the long haul.  I suspect that the ISS TLE may soon become
    classified.  I hope not.  I was reading on, I think, that
    during DoD Space Shuttle missions 1985-1990, the launch time would not be
    announced until the clock hit the T-9 min. hold.  It was a virtual media
    blackout during the mission, I read.  If media blackouts are to be
    imposed, then that would be greatly disappointing.
    I watched the Progress undock from the ISS today at 12:43 EST (17:43 UT)
    on NASA TV in darkness.  A few minutes later, it was in sunlight.  It was
    departing the station at 0.2 meters per second.  A deorbit burn was
    scheduled for something like 15:40 EST (20:40 UT).  As I write this at
    16:01 EST (21:01 UT), I assume that the Progress is just about destroyed.
     The next Progress will be launching soon, and is scheduled to dock on
    the afternoon (EST/UT) of Sunday, March 24th.
    Now, let me sign off and prepare for the flaming e-mails I am about to
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