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Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 21:42:54 EST

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    Awhile ago on, they had wrote that a geo sat was de-orbited. 
    The company in charge of the satellite had adjusted the orbit of the geo 
    sat, so it drifted and thus no longer stayed in one place. And the new orbit 
    would help to prevent it crashing into a working geo sat.  So wrote to the 
    editor about what happened to the sat and they corrected the news story.
    I the sat decayes out of orbit then it's ok to says it was de-orbited. If it 
    still goes around the earth, then to me it's still in orbit.
    Phillip wrote
    I would seem that a similar abuse of the "de-orbit" term is used got GEO
    satellites.   When removed from the GEO band - either up or down - they
    are "de-orbited".
    Perhaps I am just old-fashioned and too pedantic ......
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