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Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 04:04:55 EST

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    On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Chris Peat wrote:
    > As part of the GRACE team here at GSOC, I think I can answer this one. The
    > Briz upper stage did indeed perform a de-orbit burn a few minutes after
    > separation of the GRACE-1 and 2 spacecraft which happened about 90 minutes
    > after launch. However, not enough fuel was left to bring down the perigee
    > far enough to cause an immediate re-entry, but rather it was brought down to
    > around 150 km and the rest of the job will be left to the atmosphere over
    > the next few days.
    Just to clarify, are you saying that the intention was to do a burn that
    would have brought Briz-KM down to an almost immediate re-entry
    ?   EUROCKOT's reply to my query indicated that an immediate re-entry was
    not planned and they had intended to leave the stage in a low-perigee
    orbit and allow natural decay to take place over a few weeks time.
    If a burn to bring the stage out ot Earth orbit was planned then the lack
    of propellant at the time that the burn took place would indicate a
    failure - albeit a fairly minor one - of the rocket stage.
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