Re: [FPSPACE] space shuttle launch times

From: Ben Huset (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 07:28:57 EST

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    We've gone back into stupid mode again.
    IF NASA is  willing to say ...
    "The next launch, of Atlantis on April 4, will occur sometime
      between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. (1900 and 2300 GMT), Buckingham
      noted. It is a space station assembly mission... "
    Simple orbital mechanics  narrows it down to  a 10 minute window
    when the station orbital plane is above the cape.
    which  or will
    tell you.
    Plus does ANYBODY think  terrorists aren't flexible enough to pencil in
    a 4 hr block into their schedule which is narrowed down to to the exact minute
    24 hrs before the launch????????
    It will then be determined that FL weather is a terrorist deterrent as
    that is the MOST unpredictable thing about a a launch.
    Assuming an April 4th launch date I'm going to 'guess' that the next
    shuttle will launch at 4:22pm CST +/- 5 minutes.  (22:22 GMT)
    This may be off some, cause they may do an orbit boost of ISS with the
    next progress tanker and that boost amount and time is not known to me
    But I'm sure that the launch won't be before 4:00 pm CST (22:00 GMT)
    Info based purely on Two line elements for ISS found on
    1 25544U 98067A   02089.81669862  .00070138  00000-0  83646-3 0  9130
    2 25544  51.6367  86.7296 0003197 325.2094  34.8852 15.59391070 31849
    Fed into  STSPLUS and what I remember from a NASA TV show on orbital
    Lets work on keeping the REAL secrets secret like access passwords, and
    forget the 'eyewash' stuff.
    Paul J Henney wrote:
    > Yup.
    > Why  just 24 hours?
    > An Al Qaida terorrist can hide in Pakitia for weeks being hit by B-52's but
    > can't  stand waiting in a carpark near the Cape for more than 24 hrs with a
    > Stinger in the boot of his Chevy??
    > as Richard says
    > "ISS is just about the only place the Shuttle launches to anymore. They
    > launch when the launch site passes through the station's orbital plane."
    > So whats the point???
    > pjh
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