Re: Securing Launch Times for the Shuttle

From: Patrice Scattolin (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 10:08:26 EST

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    Frank Daloisio wrote:
    > I don't really like the idea of NASA securing the launch time of the 
    > Space Shuttle, but considering the current state of affairs; it does 
    > make sense. After all, NASA has to do something, or else, face the 
    > possibility of total militarization of the American space program.
    > Bill Bard does make a valid point when he stated:
    > "While hitting a shuttle on the ground would be a major event, hitting 
    > a shuttle right at launch would be much greater, since television 
    > coverage would be plentiful."
    I seriously doubt you could hit a space shuttle taking off with a 
    commecial airplaine. Both are moving in
    orthogonal directions making an intercept hard considering the speed of 
    a 767 and the speed of the
    A surface to air missile maybe but the argument has already been made. 
    just need spot by the beach and some patience.
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