From: Jari (finn1@telus.net)
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 02:03:42 EST

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    As i was looking for Envisat at 1X to no avail so i started looking at the
    night sky when i spotted a flash out of the corner of my eye near Jupiter. I
    then saw another flash almost as bright as Jupiter approx 5 deg below the
    planet at 06:01:51 25 Mar UTC +/- 3 sec. Az 255 deg El 35 deg. I followed
    the object at 1x as there were several other visible, but not as bright
    flashes from it and then i followed it with my 10x50s. The flash pattern
    seemed regular however i couldn't get an accurate timing as the magnitude
    varied which made it hard to count however i got about 5 sec between
    flashes. The object was barely visible in my 10x50s when not flashing and i
    was able to established it's track from S (180) to NW (330) roughly. The
    only object i have found to match the track is IRS-P2 #23323 94068A.
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