Re: Shenzhou III TLE

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 20:56:02 EST

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    I remember when the lauched envisat, how fast the elements for it were 
    released. I had never seen orbital elements released so fast. The elements 
    for the new china spacecraft are taking awhile. They have to try and find 
    it, there is a large amount of sky to search. When china lauched this sat , 
    they kept it quite on what day and time they will launch. The reports said 
    they were planing to lauch but didn't give a specific date and time. So 
    unless the us had a spy working to find out when it was going up, even they 
    would know when it was going up. They only way I can see them knowing is 
    when he dsp satellite picked up the heat from the rocket engine as the sat 
    made its way into orbit.
    Good another naked eye sat to watch.
    Way to go china.
    It nice to see a country other then the us and russia putting up spacecraft 
    which humans can be in, or will be in .
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