Shenzhou 3 over Chicago

Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 20:21:17 EST

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    Hello all.
    I just saw Shenzhou 3 in a high pass over Chicago, Illinois (78 degrees max alt). It was right on time (19:06 CST) based on the current elements. The color was a little orange. Magnitude was comparable to Pollux at first and then close to Castor, so ranging between 2.0 and 1.0 roughly. Took a look through binoculars. Didn't see anything unusual.
    It's interesting to be in the latitude of a launch site (Chicago is at about the same latitude as Jiuquan). Both this one and Shenzhou 2 rise straight up from the western horizon and head straight down towards the east on passes like this one. IT's like watching the Sun's motion from the equator: straight up... straight down.
    Frank E. Reed
    Chicago, IL  USA
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