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From: Rainer Kracht (
Date: Sat Mar 01 2003 - 12:28:40 EST

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    On 1 Mar 2003, at 7:34, Brooke Clarke wrote:
    > Hi Rainer:
    > I have done some analysis of the Mintron 12V1C-EX (StellaCam EX) in terms of its light sensivity.
    > <>
    Thank you very much. I saw your page before I bought the Mintron.
    Your results convinced me (among others) that the Mintron would be
    a good instrument.
    > But the thing that bothered me about using the integration mode on a fast moving sat was that if the sat changed pixels then the
    > integration would make the image dimmer.  Or does it just reduce the contrast?
    I see many leo satellites as short streaks moving through the fov.
    Very fast satellites should appear as dotted lines, but I have not
    seen this until now.
    > Have you tried different integration times?
    yes, I push the integration until the sky gets too bright
    and then go back one step.
    > A 75 mm f1.3 lens is 75/1.3 = 57.7 mm objective diameter and according to the table on my web page should see MAG 9.5 with no integration.
    > It's interesting that the 82mm/f1.6 = 51.3 mm OD is not as good a lens.
    > How do you point the camera?
    first sighting along the body of the Mintron
    to get a bright star and then starhopping.
    The Mintron is mounted on a simple camera tripod.
    > What is a 1004a?
    Willie's camera (1004x), perhaps the 1004x JG CCD ASTRO CAMERA?
    > Thanks,
    > Brooke Clarke, N6GCE
    > 123.164041W 39.190192N
    Rainer Kracht
    Elmshorn, Germany
    Station 5005
    53.7695N 9.6626E  9m Potsdam Datum
    53.7679N 9.6614E 47m WGS84
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