RE: Satellites passing through lunar penumbra/umbra

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Sun Mar 02 2003 - 17:28:31 EST

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    Hi Russell,
    >... I succeed in doing this at the eclipse of 1986 October 3.
    > Satellites observed: 85-82A, 86-21A, 85-69B, 83-04A, 79-50A,
    > 85-21A, 83-10A, 68-40B, 82-121A,79-11B.
    Congrats -- I'm sure you're one of the few who has observed
    satellites during a total eclipse!  But ... did any of these
    satellites pass through the moon's umbra or penumbra?  That's
    the rare event I was referring to.  Only a small fraction of
    the satellites visible during an eclipse actually transit
    the lunar umbra.
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