RE: Satellites passing through lunar penumbra/umbra

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Sun Mar 02 2003 - 21:45:33 EST

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    In my experiences at 6 total eclipses I can't remember seeing any stars and
    only the brightest planets. probably nothing fainter than 0 or -1. The sky
    is quite bright, it may seem to be dark because it was so bright just
    seconds before but you can easily read and it is, on average, similar to the
    sky 10 or 15 minutes after sunset. Spotting anything but the brightest
    satellites would be futile. I have wondered if it might be possible to get a
    photograph of a geosynchronous satellite passing through the lunar umbra or
    penumbra when the shadow may not necessarily strike the earth but only pass
    close to the earth. A time exposure tracking on the stars would show the
    satellite as a streak that would dim and brighten again. I know there have
    been some instances of the shadow just missing earth but I don't know if the
    geometry could be right to see the satellites from a night location.
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