Remote observation- ID needed

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 00:44:25 EST

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    I have been observing Vuyatela cam at - the main
    purpose of this site is to observe animals in the wildlife park.
    However it also has a good view of the night sky with very little clutter
    from manmade light sources.  I am told by the site managers that they have
    an excellent view of the sky and see many objects.
    Recent observations I have made on the cam  have included the ISS and what
    appeared to be the Milstar rocket.  I have also been looking out for a
    Iridium flares after an accidental possible sighting before I knew what they
    were. Unfortunately every time a mag -7 or similar flare has been expected
    the cam has malfunctioned, suggesting that the autofocus can't cope!
    Location is  25 42.467S and 31 32.091 E and direction of cam is 021 degrees.
    I am unsure of the extent of the field of vision.
    At 20:14:11 on Sunday 2 March 2003 according to the camera timestamp I
    observed a very bright object which appears to have a trail indicating
    movement from right to left of the cam from the viewer's perspective
    (presumably east to west based on the information above.)  Altitude appears
    to be quite low.  Jupiter or Saturn is also clearly visible a few degrees
    further east and higher.  The unidentified object was not present in
    subsequent frames- the cam refreshes every 30 seconds.  The accuracy of the
    timestamp is not guaranteed but is probably correct to within about two
    It has been suggested to me that this could be a remnant of the Antarctic
    meteor shower- however I need to eliminate or confirm the possibility it was
    a manmade object and the Heavens Above site is still down.
    Can someone please assist with ID?     Picture is available on request on
    condition it is not published without permission of Africam, whose
    assistance in pinpointing the location and direction of cam is acknowledged.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand.
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