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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 02:36:29 EST

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    >Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 18:28:40 +0100
    >From: (Rainer >Kracht)
    >Subject: Re: Milstar 5 video obs
    Hi Rainer,
    Thanks for your reply - Im replying via SeeSat as I am hoping that
    the information etc will be of interest to others and encourage them
    also to go for video satellite work.
    In your reply to Brooke Clarke's query :
    >> What is a 1004a?
    >Willie's camera (1004x), perhaps the 1004x JG CCD ASTRO CAMERA?
    No, Willie and I have not yet converted our CCD cameras to the Jon Grove
    (JG) modification which allows time exposures - so we operate only in
    the video mode which means exposures around 1/50th sec. I did get a second
    1004x with the JG modification in mind but have so far done nothing about
    As a matter op operational technique-- when you use the integrated mode
    what time do you report -  middle of the exposure? Yesterday I played
    with some video recordings I had of satellite passes and integrated the
    video frames in software - this does increase sensitivity but of course
    my time display in the frames is blurred because of the overlapping of
    successive images.
    Do you make use of a dark frame or flat field to remove image defects etc?
    When I next track - probably tomorrow night - Ill try Milstar 5 and see
    what kind of results I can get. Ive tended to ignore geostationary
    except when they have made themselves obvious by flashing etc.
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