Another picture of a Shuttle taken in daylight

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 22:55:56 EST

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    The owners of two sites that I am going to make reference to may be members
    of SeeSat. That I don't know. No matter, I have located some more images of
    spacecraft at least some of which were shot through telescopes. The
    following sentence at the first site listed below says that one of the
    pictures of the Shuttle was taken in daylight. Reminds me of the fact that
    AMOS shoots pictures of orbiting craft in daylight as well. A crude shot
    taken at AMOS is also represented at the site.
    Here is the description: "The two pictures on the right are of Atlantis and
    were taken by the Museum of Science team at Boston on Sept 24, 1996 when the
    sun was still above the horizon."
    Also....there are shots of the ISS here, ones that I have not seen before.
    Clear skies,
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