Re: ISS Iridium Flares

From: Robert Reeves (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 06:50:12 EST

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    > Hello and thanks for your Friday morning See-Sat posting.  As an original
    > member of the Iridium launch team and current ISS flight controller, I am
    > also greatly appreciative of Rob's efforts.  I must have missed any
    > Rob made concerning this subject, but with the number of messages that I
    > get, it is not surprising.  Due to post STS-107 assignments, I was also
    > unaware that Don had been taking a look at this from onboard ISS.  Thanks
    > for the update.
    > Joe Morris
    > MCC Ground Controller
    > Johnson Space Center
    > Houston, Tx
    Hello Joe,
    So you have worn two interesting hats related to this little project <g>.
    There have been no prior SeeSat postings about this.  I deliberately didn't
    say anything until there was a success in observing a flare.  Don said he
    had seen a flare some time ago by accident, he was just looking in the right
    place at the right time.  But this is the first time a deliberate search of
    a predicted event was successful.  This has to be a pioneering milestone in
    satellite observation, so I thought it worthy of sharing the success and
    praising the guy who was instrumental in pulling it off.
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