USA 89 Rk and flaring geosats

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 17:27:47 EST

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    Mike didn't mention that without binoculars we saw 
    a near-perigee pass of USA 89 Rk (22519, 92-086C) 
    in spite of the partly cloudy cirrus conditions.
    When flaring geosats appear, I still tend to lose 
    what little coherence I have, so that when I look 
    at my notes later they're a bit of a challenge to 
    decipher.  But anyway, as best I can figure out, 
    here are the ones I saw last night:
    without magnification and with 10x50 binoculars --
    23915 96-035A Intelsat 709 (probably this one)
    25004 97-059A Echostar 3
    26608 00-072A PAS 1R (probably 1x, but not easy)
    with 10x50 binoculars --
    * two of these three as a very close pair:
    23764 96-002A PAS 3R 
    24891 97-040A PAS 6 
    25585 98-075A PAS 6B
    23571 95-023A Intelsat 706
    * two of these three:
    24819 97-027A Inmarsat 3-F4
    25371 98-037A Intelsat 805
    23915 96-035A Intelsat 709 (probably 1x above)
    23199 94-049A Brasilsat B1 (probably this one)
    26580 00-067A GE 6 (probably, but maybe 24714 97-002B Nahuel 1A?)
    20872 90-091A SBS 6
    25516 98-063B GE 5 (probably this one)
    I guess Intelsats are now officially called "NSS".
    Via Mike's scope and/or 12x80 finder we also saw:
    group of five in one FOV --
    23192 94-047A DirecTV 2      
    23553 95-019A AMSC 1         
    25937 99-056A DirecTV 1-R    
    25954 99-060A GE 4           
    26985 01-052A DirecTV 4S     
    Some DirecTV (or DTV?) sats used to be "DBS".
    pair in one FOV --
    25740 99-027A Nimiq 1        
    26038 99-071A Galaxy 11
    Mike has added a barlow to his eyepiece equipment.
    I saw three one-power flashes from Iridium 24 (25105, 97-082B)
    and three or four from Orion 3 (25727, 99-024A).  This was 
    the third night this week of seeing at least a couple from
    Orion 3.
    Location was BCRC, 30.315N, 97.866W, 280m.
    Apologies to Kurt for not getting to Gorizont 16 last night.
    Extremely cool to read about the ISS astronaut observing 
    Iridium flares!
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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