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From: Robert Reeves (
Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 17:44:19 EST

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    > Please excuse what may be an off topic topic.
    > Two things....
    > A while back I asked a question about an astronaut saying "hello" from the
    > ISS using a signal mirror. Well what about the other way around?
    > The other thing....
    > How bright of an incandescent light (or laser) would a person in a dark
    > need to signal an observer on a high pass of the ISS? This would I'm sure
    > depend upon the light pollution that the person is embedded in at the
    > Again, a matter of contrast.
    > Thanks and clear skies,
    > Tom
    > Iowa
    > USA
    Actually, I have recently proposed something similar to Don Pettit on the
    ISS.  He has not yet replied as to whether the project can be done (he's
    probably still laughing himself silly <g>).
    I have proposed that he look for the Texas Star Party (being held late
    April/early May near Ft. Davis Texas) from orbit.  My hope is that at one
    point during the Texas Star Party (passes not yet calculated) the ISS will
    make a pass over that part of the country while it is dark.  What I want to
    do is temporarily suspend TSP darkout rules and have everyone at TSP (600+
    people) shine the brightest flashlight they have at the ISS, all at the same
    time.  My two bright lights alone total 3.5 million candle power so I would
    suspect we could easily get a 100 million candlepower aimed in the general
    direction of the ISS.
    It should be interesting.
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