The Earth-Orbiting Space Junk Tracking Page

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 00:55:29 EST

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    This site provides data on six far-away objects that might 
    be seen in big scopes and mistaken for something else.  
    (Except that I would think that SOHO is always between us 
    and the Sun and so not observable.  But maybe its orbit 
    around the L-point allows it to get to a large enough 
    elongation to be visually observable sometimes?)  The 
    title seems a bit of a misnomer since it includes SOHO, 
    and of course it's really for NEO-hunters, but anyway,
    it's "The Earth-Orbiting Space Junk Tracking Page" --
    Regarding the Nimiqs, someone wrote privately to say that 
    there was a brief anomaly with Nimiq 2 and that it's being 
    checked out more and that Nimiq 1 is the operational one 
    at the moment.  Nimiq 1 has been quite a bit fainter than 
    Galaxy 11 every time I've seen them together in Mike's 
    telescope.  (I have seen Galaxy 11 a number of times with 
    binoculars but never Nimiq 1.)  I wonder how Nimiq 2 
    compares optically to N1.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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