Re: Iridium 09 decayed

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Mar 13 2003 - 04:32:56 EST

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    Rod Sladen has a nice discussion of Iridium 9 and its
    replacement by Iridium 84:
    Between Bram Dorreman and me, and interesting possible
    observational idea has arisen, of trying to co-observe
    or at least simultaneously observe some flaring geosats
    between here and there.  It's probably too late this
    season, so this is something to think about for the 
    September equinox.  
    The flaring would be best to the west in the morning
    from Europe and at the same time to our east in the
    evening here.  According to my possibly highly subject 
    to error calculations, it looks like longitude 46 west 
    is about halfway.  Around 45 west on March 6 (the 
    approximate peak date for 40 degrees north), according 
    to Ted's Geolong program, were these satellites:
    23764  1996-002A  PAS 3R                 43.0 W   0.01 W 
    25585  1998-075A  PAS 6B                 43.1 W   0.01 W 
    24891  1997-040A  PAS 6                  43.2 W   0.01 W 
    26608  2000-072A  PAS 1R                 45.1 W   0.02 W 
    I've definitely seen easily in binoculars at least two 
    of the three PAS at 43 west, just in the last week.
    From longitude 75 west (central east coast of USA), I 
    think halfway is closer to 35 west, and at 30 west 
    there's a cluster of four Hispasats.
    Of course, with good-sized telescopes on good nights, 
    the co-observing could be done any time of year, given 
    simultaneous good weather and early-rising European 
    Something to consider...
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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