BD fixes and flashes

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Sat Mar 15 2003 - 20:04:58 EST

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    Hello fellow observers.
    For my latitude the periode near the spring equinox in which geosats
    brighten has terminated. No more objects brighter than mag. +9
    Except 26356 00024A USA 149.
    Rainer Kracht "discovered" its flash time with 10.0 seconds flash periode,
    which I could confirm. I expected a similar flash behaviour about the same
    amount of minutes after local (true) midnight as we saw before local
    evening flashes at about 22:52
    local midnight   at about 23:48
    morning flashes at about 24:44 = 0:44 (all times UT).
    In the early morning of 15th March I already saw them with last flash at
    00:22:59.7, total 9 flashes. I missed several at the beginning.
    In the early morning of 16th March I saw 12 flashes, last one at 00:22:01.1,
    I expect that I missed some at the beginning.
    One fix on 24680 96072A USA 129 with a bad accuracy in time (>0.5s?)
     24680 96 072A   4160 F 20030315211215970 37 15 0036249+540441 89 S+065 05
    Best regards.
    Bram Dorreman,
    COSPAR 4160 (Achel 1):
    51 16' 45.5" N (51.2793 N),
    5 28' 36.6" E (5.4768 E)
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