Further possible remote sighting of HST

From: Robert Holdsworth (robbonz1@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 12:55:15 EST

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    A further possible sighting occurred at 24 March at 18:59.02 camera time in
    a similar position in the picture.
    Again the timestamp cannot be taken as scientifically accurate..  According
    to my computer the saved picture was modified by me at 4:59:48 my time (UTC
    +12) but created at 5:00:18!  - the picture would have been saved within 30
    seconds of sighting because after that the cam refreshes.
    Some doubt was cast on the previous possible sighting owing to the
    information given to me on the bearing of the camera given as pointing 021.
    After some very helpful assistance from Bjorn it appears that this
    information is  incorrect so it is possible it may have been a sighting
    after all.
    Unfortunately I seem to have neglected to save the earlier picture, but this
    time have saved it with before and after pictures, which  should hopefully
    yield a positive ID.
    I am happy to forward these pics on request on condition they are not
    published without permission of Africam- however as I will be leaving for
    work soon there may be a delay in sending them.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
    (Note: to clarify a point which arose last time, coordinates of the
    observation point- which is a very long way  from my location!-  are given
    below but it appears the bearing  should be disregarded.  My own coordinates
    for the record are 25.7078S, 31.5349E.)
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    Subject: Remote sighting of HST
    > At the Vuyatela cam on http://www.africam.com I observed what appears to
    > the HST.  It was in the upper left of the picture and appears slightly
    > blurred.  It was not present in previous or subsequent frames.
    > According to the timestamp the object was seen at Thursday Mar 6 at
    > local-  their time is UTC plus 2 (thanks Bjorn for reminding me to mention
    > the latter!)
    > It was actually seen by me at around 4:50 which corresponds nicely to a
    > 1.6 pass of the HST-  the cam timestamp may well be inaccurate as it is
    > known to be out on some other cams, and though there may be some lag in
    > receiving the picture I doubt if it is as much as  2 minutes!
    > Location of Vuyatela is 25.7078S, 31.5349E and according to the owners
    > cam is pointing 021 degrees.
    > (It appears that the previous unidentified sighting may have been car
    > headlights from a game drive!)
    > Robert Holdsworth
    > Wainuiomata
    > New Zealand
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