Satellite/Asteroid J002E3

Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 23:29:07 EST

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    Last September, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the discovery of 
    satellite/asteroid J002E3. Last I heard, it is believed to be the Apollo 12 
    third stage, in temporary orbit around the Earth/Moon system.
    According to the Project Pluto website 
    (, J002E3 has gotten up to 14th or 
    15th magnitude. Has anyone tried to see it visually? Any success or failures?
    If the predictions are accurate, J002E3 will get up to 14th magnitude for a 
    few days around March 29th (and 13th magnitude around May 20). For observers 
    in the eastern part of the United States, I have created some finder charts 
    for this weekend ( 
    Observers in other areas can use the ephemeris generator from JPL's Horizons 
    ( to create local predictions.
    John Holtz
    79d 48m W, 40d 37m N
    home page:
    "People who never look up avoid the cow manure, but that's all they ever get 
    to see."
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