Japansese First Military Sat

From: moriboo@jcom.home.ne.jp
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 19:05:14 EST

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    Greetings from Japan!
    This is information on the Japanese first military satellites.
    According to news media, the Japanese first reconnaissance satellites will be
    launched at 10:27 JST(01:27 GMT), Friday March 23(that is today!) from
    Tanegashima Island, which is located off Kagoshima City in southern Japan.
    The H2A rocket will carry two IGSs(Information Gathering Satellites) into
    a Sun-synchronous sub-recurrent orbit, which is a circular polar orbit.
    The altitude of the orbit is estimated to be 400-500 km. The orbit is
    designed to return to the same point every 4 days.
    One of the two satellites carries optical sensors, while the other carries
    They are supposed to gather information on North Korea's military move.
    Unfortunately, the resolution of the optical sensors are more than 1 meter(maybe
    much more), which means that it was much cheaper for the Japanese
    government to  buy
    photos of the civilian satellites like IKONOS!?
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