Space Station Science Picture of the Day (fwd)

From: Richard Clark (rclark@hindmost.LPL.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 16:17:02 EST

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    As Robert Reeves advised a few days ago, pictures of Iridium flares
    observed from ISS should soon be released.
    Here is one.
    It doesn't seem to have been mentioned here yet so I'm forwarding this
    on to the list from a friend at FUSE ops.
    Richard Clark
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    Subject: Space Station Science Picture of the Day
    Science officer Don Pettit and his Expedition 6 crewmates onboard the
    International Space Station have been sending us some extraordinary
    pictures. Some show breathtaking views of the sky through the station's
    windows. Others highlight ongoing scientific research in physics and
    biology. We want to share these  pictures with you, so we've developed a
    "Space Station Science Picture of the Day"  web site. Every weekday,
    Monday through Friday, we'll post a new and cool photo taken by someone on
    the ISS.  Click here:
    Space Station Science Picture of the Day
    This is an experimental service by Science@NASA. We plan to maintain it
    for the duration of ISS Expedition 6 (until early May).  If you like it,
    we may be able to continue beyond that time, so let us know.
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