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From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 17:20:39 EST

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    Thanks for the heads up and congratulations to Rob and Robert - seems to be
    a common name round here- anything to do with it meaning "bright fame?" :-)
    I have entered my comments supporting continuation of the picture of the day
    for this and any future expeditions- hopefully others will do the same!
    I also commented that perhaps the next step for them could be to spot a
    "double flare"- not necessarily simultaneous.  Not sure what their chances
    of them seeing a double are so something Rob and Robert could look into?
    Robert (another one!) Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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    Subject: Space Station Science Picture of the Day (fwd)
    > As Robert Reeves advised a few days ago, pictures of Iridium flares
    > observed from ISS should soon be released.
    > Here is one.
    > It doesn't seem to have been mentioned here yet so I'm forwarding this
    > on to the list from a friend at FUSE ops.
    > Richard Clark
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