Cosmos 2282 and TDRS 6

From: Robert G Fenske Jr (
Date: Sun Mar 30 2003 - 10:12:19 EST

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    	Last night I observed Cosmos 2282 (94-038A) somewhat low in the SE
    sky, above the worst part of San Antonio's skyglow.  Through binoculars, the
    peak flashes I saw were about +3.5; overall the flashes varied from +6 to
    +3.5.  I measured the flash period up to just before shadow entry, getting an
    18.60 sec period.  PPAS:
    94-038A  03-03-30 03:03:24   RF 1023.0 1.0  55 18.60  F'-,+3.5/+6->inv
    	During this I saw two +3 flashes southwest of Cosmos 2282 which were
    very roughly 8 minutes apart (approx 02:44 and 02:52 UTC).  I took a long
    look waiting for a third flash but finally realized this mystery sat had
    probably entered shadow.  Only possible candidate I could find was 93-003B
    (#22314), TDRS 6 (or TDRS F or TDRS F6).  This is an operational geosat.
    	Both of these were in shadow for a little over 30 minutes so I went
    back outside to recover them, but I saw neither.
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