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From: Andrew Bunting (
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 12:50:17 EST

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    On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 02:09:57PM +0100, gbr wrote:
    > Hi, Im new to this list and satelite spotting. So, I'm planning on
    > bying a pair of good binoculars and thought it might be a good idea to
    > ask for tips and advice on spesifications, brand etc. 
    Hello Gere,
    For getting started I'd just recommend a pair of standard-issue 
    mid-sized binos -- I use a pair of 8 x 40s, giving a 5mm exit 
    pupil size ( objective size / magnification ).  The current 
    theory is that's the optimum for viewing point-sources at night -- 
    7mm is better for wide, faint targets such as galaxies.
    The things that I'd look for if I were to buy a pair of binos
    now would be:
    1. 5mm exit pupil;
    2. Lowish magnification ( maximum of 8 or so );
    3. Sufficient eye relief so that you don't have to hold
       the binos pressed against your eye sockets;
    4. Light weight.  
    Lidl often have decent Bresser / Meade binos on special; you 
    might get lucky if there's one near you.
    But the best equipment by far -- a dark site.  I can only
    Andrew Bunting
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