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From: Dave Desrocher (
Date: Sun Mar 06 2011 - 19:22:03 UTC

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    Does not look like a meteorite, but you can verify this as follows:
    1. Cut a slice through it (can do it on the side a bit so that you don't 
    ruin much of the object)
    2. Look for the Widmanstatten pattern that can only form in space (if 
    nickel/iron, then it should have one...see:
    3. (if you want to look further): have it analyzed for content. Universities 
    with large meteorite collections can probably do this for you.
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    Op 6-3-2011 19:35, George Roberts schreef:
    > Looks like an iron meteorite. I've seen lots of them and they mostly look 
    > like
    > this except this one went through the roof of a house so it has a few 
    > unusual
    > markings (mostly the shiny groove). Otherwise the pitting both small and 
    > large
    > looks like a meteorte and the material (looks like a soft metal namely 
    > iron).
    > The "post" coming out of the side could just be from an ancient collision 
    > or
    > maybe from a crystalized piece with stronger crystals.
    I am *very* familiar with meteorites (I collect them) and this is not 
    like a real meteorite (iron or otherwise) to me.
    - Marco
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