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Date: Mon Mar 07 2011 - 17:14:10 UTC

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    There is a railway close by, but at the same groundlevel, at some 100 meters
    distance. If it has come off from a train and through a roof, the train
    surely must been derailed.
    Probably, but you'd be surprised.. Picture a long train of cars full of
    metal debris, and that object happens to be near the top..
    The train speeds along at 70 mph and like all trains rocks back and forth..
    It isn't THAT much of a stretch to picture the train rocking this object one
    way and loose and airborne and then rocking the other way and the side of
    the train car hits it like a baseball.. Sure it's a long way in this case,
    but I have personally found shot put size balls of steel 150 feet from train
    tracks when I was a kid... Sure.. Certainly not likely, but it is possible..
    A curve in the tracks helps..
    Are there any planes that haul scrap metal??? Military?? Forget how it might
    fall out of a plane.. If such a load flies, it's possible something
    It looks like normal scrap metal that somehow was sent flying thru the air..
    And of course there is the possibility it is a hoax / publicity stunt /
    insurance scam...
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