Optical 13 March 2013-OTV-2

From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Mon Mar 14 2011 - 10:58:07 UTC

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    Observations 13 Mar 2011
    Cosatrak 1 (Computerised satellite Tracking System).
    Camera mount now carries two systems that can be operated
    together as two totally different sytems and computers used.
    Generally the DSI Pro II camera will be used for high altitude
    slow moving objects. Tests seem to indicate that its sensitivity
    is comparable to the MINTRON ( possibly better) but as its not
    possible (?) to time stamp to better than 1 second accuracy the
    time resolution is not good enough for LEO objects.
    (1) MINTRON low light level CCD surveillance camera (0.005
    lux typical in non integration mode) and 0.00005 lux in STARLIGHT
    mode with 128 frame integration.)
    Used with 12.55mm focal length f/1.8 lens,integrating for 128 fields
    which is equivalent to a max exposure of 2.56 seconds maximum
    per image, but dependent on sky brightness. Field of view
    26.5 x 21.4 degrees.
    Individual frames are video time stamped with GPS derived signal.
    Images processed and measured manually.
    Site 0433 : Longitude 18.51294 deg East, Latitude -33.94058 deg,
    Elevation 10 metres-situated in Pinelands (Cape Town),South Africa
    37375 11 010A   0433 P 20110313175120300 56 15 0735550+283407 39  +040 05
    37375 11 010A   0433 P 20110313175156600 56 15 0858180+180514 39  +040 05
    37375 11 010A   0433 P 20110313175206000 56 15 0918330+145809 39  +040 05
    (1) Start of evening visibility for me of OTV-2. This pass was in very
        bright twilight with much thick cloud around. I missed it in real
        time and only noticed it when I played back the DVD recording several
        hours later - dont know how I missed it but as I did have quite a
        large time uncertainty between the different element sets I probably
        wasnt concentrating at the critical time . The satellite was running
        approx 42 seconds  early on elset 70411 so it would appear the
        satellite has not done any orbit changes since last observed. I have
        a near zenith pass tonight so, provided clear, should have a good
        track.  Due to the very bright twilight sky I had few stars for
        image orientation. The first point is okay as next to a bright star
        but the other two may have a progressively increasing deviation from
        the orbit track due to 1-2 degree possible tilt error in image
        orientation,but I think its okay.
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