Probably OT: fallen object

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Mar 30 2011 - 08:37:46 UTC

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    Some time between approximately 2300 to 2320   New Zealand Daylight Time 
    (1000 to 1020 UTC) ON 29 March 2011  a bright multi coloured fast moving 
    falling object was observed over a large part of the North Island and some 
    of the Northern South Island of New Zealand.
    I have checked for any indication of the possibility of satellite decay at 
    around that time but come up with nothing, so I guess it was probably a 
    meteor.  If anyone has  information which suggests anything to the contrary, 
    please let me know.
    Wondering how long it will be before the uninitiated laypeople (and 
    including the media)  associate this with the widely publicised HTV-2 
    reentry even though it occurred around three quarters of a day later? 
    (bearing in mind an incident some time ago where a Soyuz which decayed was 
    blamed for nearly hitting an aircraft with a similar time difference!)
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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