Re: X-37B OTV 2-1: sitll in orbit on first anniversary of launch

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2012 - 14:15:32 UTC

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    At 12:33 AM 6/03/2012, Ted Molczan wrote:
    >As far as I know, X-37B OTV 2 remains in orbit on the first 
    >anniversary of launch on its first mission, 2011 Mar 05 UTC.
    >Its altitude has changed little since launch, and it has been at 
    >about 331 X 342 km since August 2011. Its ground track
    >repeats almost exactly every 31 revolutions, which takes just under 
    >two days. Ground tracks that repeat every 2 to 4
    >days are a common feature of U.S. imagery intelligence satellites, 
    >but that is insufficient information to confidently
    >assess the mission of OTV 2-1.
    >Ted Molczan
    I can confirm this Ted . I saw made a fix of it at 10h 43m 22s UTC 
    low inthe South East against the
    back  ground of Tra Australis. Observations for this evening just 
    uploaded while
    you were composing yor note.
    Tony Beresford
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