Derek records straight to disc?? Say it ain't so!

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Mon Mar 11 2013 - 20:10:49 UTC

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    I know.. I know.. There are many instances where I sent a message about how
    recording to tape is better every time someone says "you should record to
    Well, with a broken ZR300 that wont accept DV tapes, the manual says you can
    use two cables and therefore be able to use the analog to digital converter
    that's built in to pass thru the video.
    So I setup my PC164EX (that I use for wide field satellite positions), the
    IOTA-VTI time inserter, the ZR300, and my Firewire Express card to see if it
    would work at all.. 
    I recorded 10,000 frames twice.. One a direct import into Limovie, and one
    direct import in Virtual Dub.. I also imported a small clip into Windows
    Movie Maker.. 
    They all work.. Rather well in fact.. In Limovie, no dropped frames.. I
    dropped one frame when importing with Virtual Dub.. And that one frame is
    simple to locate.. 
    So.. I guess I now record to disc.. Now I suppose I should update my backup
    of the computer before I fry the drive with overuse.. 
    But hey! At least it works and I am not dead in the water..
    And I didn't have to spend $75 bucks for that nice "buy now" ZR300 setup on
    EBAY (which matches the setup I have.. i.e. remote.. Widefield lens, etc.).
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