Controlling a GOTO mount with a Raspberry Pi

From: C. Bassa (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2013 - 18:45:14 UTC

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    After some testing today I managed to control my NexStar SLT goto
    mount from a Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi is an entire computer but
    the size of a credit card and priced at only US$35. See
    The Raspberry Pi runs a small Linux operating system with the INDI
    library software ( which contains the
    Celestron drivers to control the NexStar mount. Besides Celestron
    mounts, INDI can also control Meade and Orion mounts, as well as CCDs
    and DSLRs.
    INDI operates in a server/client fashion where you launch the control
    program as a server to which multiple clients can connect and send
    commands to the connected hardware. I wrote a very simple client to
    slew to mount to specific positions on the sky at specific times; this
    I use to perform planar searches.
    If anyone is interested in controlling goto mounts or cameras through
    the Raspberry Pi then let me know.
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