RE: Lunar occultation observed and a satellite question..

From: Derek C Breit <>
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 10:18:20 -0700
Thanks Bjorn and Kevin..


Even though it’s quite the drought year here in California, the scope is still covered as rain is forecast for the middle of the


Point being, I’ll resume doing what I can.. 




PS.. USA 129 was lost?? How the heck did it get lost?? (rhetorical question).. 



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If a satellite has not been observed in a long time, it will not likely be observed during the week, so it must be reported.

Conversely, recently observed satellites are usually reported again by the same observer, or others, and if you haven't already
reduced the obs you could skip it.

But if you can spare the time, it could improve the orbit fit, or help detect misidentification/timing errors, by you or even other



2014-03-22 11:41 GMT+01:00 Kevin Fetter <>:


On Fri, 3/21/14, Derek C Breit <> wrote:

>As for me, I don't have home internet and have been quite
> busy, so the question is.. Is it useful if I observe sats
> during the
> weekdays, but don't file any report until the weekend??

Anything that's in a higher orbit, where atmo drag is less, it's ok to report it on the weekend.


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