Geosync Satellites Flaring - Video

From: Rick Baldridge via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 09:31:52 -0800
About two hours of geosynchronous satellites flaring under difficult
conditions the near-Full Moon last night.  Field of view about 18 degrees

Camera tracks the stars, so satellites appear to move right-to-left
(west-to-east).  Some satellites got to naked-eye visibility about

2nd magnitude -- easy to see even in the moonlight. Video made from 728
stills taken with a 70mm lens on a Canon T3i DSLR, 2 sec exposures

every 10 seconds, f4.5 ISO800.  And yes, I know the identification of all
the geosync satellites parading by.  I'll mark them in another video.

Stars of Sextans are in the field, with the obvious wide double-star 17 and
18 Sextantis lower right of center.  From Lat 37.272, Long -121.977.


Rick Baldridge

Campbell, CA  USA.



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