off topic - SeeSatVB - update available

From: Alan Madill via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 19:48:35 -0700
Version 1.0E-4 is available.  (V0.0001)

Many thanks to Greg Roberts for having the time and patience to test it and 
provide feedback.

Fixups include localization problems with decimal formats. ie 1.234 vs 1,234.  
The SGPx routines had problems with decayed objects. General fixups with display 
of RA/DE alt/azm.  There is now an easy way to input observer coordinates.

It has been stress tested with the full SpaceTrack catalog.  A screenshot of 
HeavenSat and SeeSatVB running side by side is available here.

The SeeSatVB window gives at a glance visual information about how fast the 
object is moving, in the earths shadow (red), in sunset (orange), or fully 
illuminated (yellow)

Lots of work left to do.  Your feedback is appreciated.

The program can be downloaded at

The source is available on GitHub at

Bug fixes are in 
You can download that in order to get just the updated .exe and .dll files.

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