Period of 31702; 07 027B

From: Leo Barhorst via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2015 11:44:43 +0100
Hello Alain,

Below are a few measurements of the period of 31702 in 2014.
I have a lot more observations on it in 2014 but this give a clear trend.

2014-02-03   9.118, 9.052
2014-07-01   9.332
2014-12-09  10.057, 10.103

Together with my obs in 2015 it seems that the period of 07 027B is
slowly increasing.

As mentioned on your webpage
the period has decreased from 80-90 sec shortly after launch to around
35 sec in 2011.
Perhaps Bram or an other observer has some more obs between may 2011
and  feb 2014.
In this time frame the period dropped under 10 sec and is now slowly increasing.

The decreasing is most likely due to a fuel leak (micro meteorite?)
and after venting the fuel the period increased again
due to an inducted magnetic field in the rocket skin as it moves
through the earths magnetic field and the interaction with this field.
In the early days of Seesat (around 1990) this was described by Bart de Pontieu.

The spinning up and down of rocket stages has been observed on many
objects; sometimes several times on the same object.
The data for this can be found in the PPAS-archive, available on the
website of Mike McCants.

It is an interesting object worth keeping an eye on.

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