Raduga 1-3 #22981 flashes and period measurements

From: Vladislav Gooba via Seesat-l <seesat-l_at_satobs.org>
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2015 04:45:55 +0200
Near 17:30 UT March 24 when observing LEO sats through 15x70, 
I have seen very dim and brief flash, about 6-6.5 mag. As the 
object was invisible when not flashing, I stayed on the same 
position. After about 19 seconds was another flash in the same 
spot and I understood that it is geosat. Using Heavensat 
identified it as Raduga 1-3 #22981. I decided to determine its
period as precisely as possible. I used stopwatch on my
smartphone. A time of whole measurement I was dividing on number 
of periods I seen, from flash to flash without uncomplete periods. 
The results of sessions of measurements was so:

1) 8 flashes, 7 periods. The period is 19.143 sec.
2) 15 periods, 19.14 sec.
3) 21 periods 19.157 sec. Was unable to register more periods 
because of hand with mobile was freezing in the cold, other 
hand with binocs starts to shake for the same reason, and the 
left ophthalmic lens was fogging up.
4) Again 15 periods, again 19.14 sec.
5) Decided to measure as much as possible. After 30th period I 
entirely began to shake and in the left ophthalmic lens nothing 
was visible. On incomplete 42th period my hand with phone was 
not able to hold it because of the cold, losing phone, well, 
not on the floor. 41 periods continued 785.2 sec, giving the 
period of ~19.1512 sec.

So we have a period of 19.14~19.16 sec.

Hope to some day observe this satellite again with preparing to 
it, to do much precise period measurement.

E: 35.0617
N: 48.5247
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