Re: Hitomi observation and an apology

From: Derek Kuhl via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2016 21:55:36 -0500
Having just joined the group, I had not intention of posting anything until
I had gained a bit more of a clue.  However, I had a good pass of
Astro-H/Hitomi/41337 tonight so I took a whack at it.  Both visually and
photographically it appeared right on time using tle downloaded earlier
today.  I only saw one object through 110x40 binoculars from an urban

This was also my first crack at ObsReduce so I would not base the world on
this.  I would appreciate it if someone could check this and see if the
numbers seem reasonable.

41337 16 012A   0000 G 20160328014130000 17 25 0703024-235000 37 S+080 10

I apologize in advance if I have made any major errors or stepped on
anyone's toes.

Derek Kuhl
30.65873  -96.60260  115m


>Aka Astro-H though apparently it was renamed Hitomi post-launch.

>41337 2016-012A



On 28 March 2016 at 05:31, George Herbert via Seesat-l
<> wrote:
> The Hitomi x-ray astronomy satellite is reliably reported to have changed
orbit, lost communications, and generated 5 debris objects.  Suspicion of
cryo enclosure breach or another explosion.  If anyone has seeing
> George William Herbert
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