Oberg: six reports on SpaceX on-orbit plume/dump observations

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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 17:27:54 -0400
Jim Oberg has produced six reports on SpaceX on-orbit plume/dump observations. Appended are links to them, and Jim's

Ted Molczan

From Jim Oberg:

With the focus on trying to understand opportunistic observations of the Zuma spirals over Africa a few months ago, I've
expanded my documentation of worldwide serendipitous observations/imagings of Zuma and the so-far-known five other
visible Falcon events. The lead report, which summarizes and references the other five reports, is 'Zuma'. The five
reports go into MUCH deeper documentation for each of the events. 

While mainly of interest in developing methodology to recognize and interpret spacecraft functions causing specific
apparitions, the detailed reports also have profound value in showing a double-blind test series of observation of
bizarre sky spectacles, to calibrate witness limitations in accuracy. Both genuine accident investigations, and 'UFO
studies', might benefit from studying the results.

These are labeled 'final drafts', so review comments are welcome.

Zuma unknown Jan 8, 2018     


Norway deorbit Feb 19, 2018   


FH [falcon heavy] escape Feb 06, 2018   


Persian Gulf deorbit Feb 19, 2017


Indian Ocean fuel dump sphere Sep 29, 2013


Australia fuel vent spiral June 4, 2010


Jim Oberg

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