Re: Let us united for the bright future of humanity & mother earth

From: Thomas Goodey via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2020 14:44:15 +0200
On 8 Mar 2020 at 13:47, Divyadarshan Purohit wrote:

> I salute to ESO & other friends to take initiative to
> speak against this blind run for materialism.... 

> ... there will be 18 constellations under development by
> Amazon,SpaceX,OneWeb & others,together amounting to 
> cross the 26000 satellites. 

> Let us unite for the bright future of humanity & mother
> earth .

I do not agree with this stance. Those satellites are being 
put there for a very good reason - to provide internet to a 
very large section of humanity that can't, for one reason 
or another, receive it properly at the moment. This will be 
an enormous benefit to the public. It is not "a blind run 
for materialism". You, being an Indian where internet 
penetration outside the major towns is very poor, should be 
particularly conscious of this situation.

Yes, the interests of astronomy must be duly considered. 
But there must be balance between competing interests. 
Astronomers are not entitled to consider themselves 
"Supreme Lords of the Sky". (And I have my own modest 

Thomas Goodey

The introduction of a multiplicity
of objectives into a problem not
only destroys its unity, but also
increases markedly both the
time necessary for, and the
actual personal danger involved
in, its solution.
------------ Nadreck of Palain VII

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