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From: Leo Barhorst via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 06:38:32 +0100

Nice images.
Years ago I saw several Space shuttles in earth shadow when the had the
lights on in the payload bay.


Op di 24 mrt. 2020 om 00:27 schreef C. Bassa via Seesat-l <>:

> This subject used to be hot on SeeSat-L back in 1998, but this evening
> I saw ISS where I did not expect to see it -- while ISS was in the
> shadow of the Earth!
> I only noticed that my camera had captured ISS while processing the
> results. I was very puzzled why ISS was not much much brighter. Only
> after checking the time of the observation (21:15UTC), did I realize
> ISS was already in the Earth's shadow and no longer illuminated by the
> Sun.
> At 21:15UTC ISS was only about a minute after shadow entry, so some
> stray sunlight may still have been illuminating ISS. Hence, I set up
> the camera again for the next pass, that was predicted around
> 22:53UTC. Passing close to Procyon, ISS was seen again. Shadow entry
> on that pass was at 22:48UTC, so ISS was deep into the shadow. I
> re-positioned the camera towards Spica to catch it later in the pass.
> While not obvious, ISS was detectable after correcting for the
> expected motion and averaging the moved frames.
> I've uploaded my images to this link:
> This clearly highlights the sensitivity of my setup, but also that ISS
> is big enough to reflect what must be lights from bright cities while
> passing over Europe.
> An unexpected first!
>     Cees
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