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From: Chris Lewicki via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 11:39:38 -0700
I was considering writing an open-source/cross-platform version of TLE Retriever, to allow for retrieving elements from other sources as well as other frequent post-processing steps.

What features would people like to see?

I’ve got this short list of post-processing items from Mike’s DOS utilities:
(XF6) Insert 42 character names into line 0 of TLE from reference file (mcnames)
(XF7) Update a tle file from another TLE file
(XF9) Filter out elements with "DEB" with a space before that string. 
    But tles with names containing SPELDA, SYLDA, TANK, DPAF, and COVER
    The leading 0 and space are removed from "line 0" of the spacecom 3 line tles.
(XF10) The leading 0 and space are removed from "line 0”
(XF11) Sort TLEs into ascending NCat order
(geteccen) Filter mean motion less than [8.0] and eccentricity greater than [0.1]
(getleo) Filter mean motion is greater than [5.0]
(getepoch) (output epoch of each elset)

Also looking at having an online query-able database of McCants and TruSat TLEs, similar to what <> provides for their TLEs.


> On Mar 24, 2020, at 11:19 AM, Leo Barhorst via Seesat-l <> wrote:
> Hello Jay,
> For classfd.tle I paste in the TLE's from other sourcesand manually
> delete the older TLE's.
> Would be nice if there is a program that can do this.
> Leo
> Op di 24 mrt. 2020 om 19:12 schreef JAY RESPLER via Seesat-l <
>> I use  TLE Retriver all the time. Great for updating files from SpaceTrack.
>> But source files are often not available there.
>> What program do you use to update your TLE from other sources?
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