Re: Satellite magnitudes

From: Bj|rn Gimle <>
Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 03:48:40 -0400

>> It would seem good to qualify magnitudes with something like a C for
>> calculated (from RCS or known size perhaps), P for predicted (based on
>> similar objects), or O for observed.

I am very much in favour of this. I have proposed to Mike McCants
that his QuickSat program should read the (usually) blank characters
before and after the magnitude field in his .mag file, and print them
with the computed magnitude.

This would allow the user to use the proposition above, or as I suggested,
question marks and round/square/curly brackets when adding data for new
objects from RCS or Molczan data.

I would also like to see in observing notes clearly if the standard
magnitude (preferred) or actual magnitude is reported. If the observer
has QuickSat available, it easy to adjust the value used for prediction
to match the observed value, but for the reader to use the actual value,
he would need the time,date,location for the observation, and valid elsets,
and run a prediction!

Bjo(e)rn Gimle
Received on Thu May 04 1995 - 03:42:50 UTC

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