Re: 92-83A elements

From: Bj|rn Gimle <>
Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 10:38:06 -0400
The elements published by Russell Eberst to seesat-l, and in the Molczan
file, agree quite well with recent observations.

>Following are elements for 92-83A, KH11, derived by Pierre Neirinck
>92 83A 95112.2746703 .00022785
>97.9145 225.7320 .0518703 189.2259 169.5391 14.8251917
>best wishes  Russell

The satellite was about a minute late, and slightly higher than the
delay indicated.

The reason I didn't compute a new elset is that it is usually maneuvred
two-three times per year, with a decrease of MM by 0.016 - 0.1 / day each
time. This winter, it has not maneuvred since about 94235, and its MM is
higher than any previous elset I have, so it could maneuvre any day.

If the following elset is used, it should give reasonable positions
until the maneuvre takes place.

When that happens, the satellite may be delayed by ten minutes per day,
so it will be difficult to recover it, if not checked daily, and any
delayed appearance reported immediately. No precision required for
initial maneuvre report !

PS. At one pass low in the east, I saw three flashes to mag. +2,
about a minute apart.
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