From: Alphonse Pouplier <>
Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 06:00:35 -0400

FOR MICHAEL WHITACRE Michael, Amongst the programs I made (see
INTRODUCTION OF MYSELVE), there is one called IDENT.EXE which gives what
you want, I think: One has to give: - Observation Place Coordinates. -
Day and Time in UT - EITHER Altitude and Azimuth or RIGHT ASCENSION and
DECLINATION - The field in degres around those coordinates - The gap of
time, in seconds of time around the given time The program scans a file of
1,400 satellites and tracks the satellites passing in that field and
during that gap of time. To get my programs, there are several solutions:
- Dave RANSOM has all of them. - You give me an address where I could
send a diskette. - You download it from my little BBS (300-14,400 BPS).
But as I have only one
  line you must PHONE me first and, a few minutes later, call me by modem.
- You give me a BBS where I could UPLOAD it and from which you could
download Kindest regards, Alphonse
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